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USD 489

USD 489, 2 days ago

Students are all smiles today ♥️♥️, celebrating Valentine’s Day at lunch with ♥️ shaped chicken nuggets! One student says “it tastes like LOVE!” 😍

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District USD 489

District USD 489, 5 days ago

Wilson Elementary Students learning about internet safety! Thanks NexTech!!


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Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson, 13 days ago

Due to a water pipe break that has affected the HVAC system and its ability to heat classrooms at Roosevelt Elementary, we will be canceling classes on Tuesday, February 4th, for Roosevelt Elementary students only. We will continue to update Roosevelt Elementary families as we assess repair timelines for the HVAC system. Thanks for your understanding of this situation. This cancellation only affects Roosevelt Elementary and all other school buildings in the district will function on their normal schedules.

District USD 489

District USD 489, 13 days ago

February Activities in Hays

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