Mentor/Mentee Discussions

  • Discuss brain-friendly strategies for test preparation

  • Review lesson plans, classroom management plans/strategies, technology integration, instructional practices, grading policies, late-work policies, etc. and reflect on changes for next year

    • Backward Design: The Basics - Read this article from Cult of Pedagogy author, Jennifer Gonzalez, then consider how your unit plans/lesson plans could benefit from Backward Design.

    • Check out the FLEX website and consider your plans for improvement as well as possible changes you want to make to the teaching and learning opportunities in your classroom for next year. Click on a category to see what FLEXs best suit your needs. Email Marie Henderson if there's something you would like to learn about that you do not see listed in one of the pages of categories.

  • Review building/classroom expectations, procedures, and protocols with students after breaks

  • Remind students about expectations for missing school (spring always includes more absences than usual)

  • Review parent-teacher conferences and ongoing parent communication


District Mentee Meetings

  • Discuss growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

  • Discuss options for incorporating student choice in the classroom

  • Tie discussions to the district’s KESA goals about relationships and relevance

Building-Level Meetings

  • Discuss data collection on student growth – PowerSchool, EduClimber, FastBridge, other tools – multiple measures