Celebrate your 1st semester accomplishments and the best learning that happened in your classroom – reflect on the root causes of those “bests”

  • Discuss ending the 1st semester – grade cards, parent communication, etc. (secondary teachers – setting up Canvas for 2nd semester and ending 1st semester courses)

    • 6-12 Teachers: Sign-up for a time with Marie to rollover your Canvas (see Marie's email on this subject)

  • Review/update mentee’s goals prior to the 2nd semester

    • Make note of progress and set action steps to plan for progress in the 2nd semester

    • Revise goals as needed

  • Review and reflect on classroom management plan, classroom expectations, rules, grading policies, late-work policies, etc. – update as needed for 2nd semester

    • Semester break is a great time to make needed changes

    • Discuss how those changes can be communicated to parents and students

  • Discuss scaffolding students’ learning opportunities and explore Universal Design for Learning

  • Discuss inquiry-based learning and/or project-based learning

  • Continue to consider technology integration

  • Discuss self-care and stress management

  • Review standardized testing schedules