(REMINDER: September Log due by October 5 and CLASSROOM OBSERVATION DUE BY OCTOBER 15)

Mentor/Mentee Discussions

District Mentee Meetings

  • Discuss working with district support staff and facilitating support staff (para-educators) who work in the mentee’s classroom

  • Discuss how to have a difficult conversation with a parent, student, colleague, or administrator

  • Tie discussions to the district’s KESA goals about relationships and relevance

Building-Level Meetings

  • Discuss walk-throughs and data being collected

    ·      Review available technology including student accounts – check to make sure logins are working and students have appropriate access

  • Review the certified staff contract – answer any questions that have arisen

  • Discuss report cards

  • Discuss parent-teacher conferences and ongoing parent communication

  • Discuss school action plans and district KESA goals

  • Discuss holidays and classroom celebrations while also remembering to review building/classroom expectations, procedures, and protocols after school breaks