BSEL Interventions & Supports

Consider these resources and let Allison or Marie know if additional support is needed!

WCKSEC Lending Library.xlsx
: Contact - Shayla Cochran

Curriculum Library: Contact - Gabriela Schmidt

Student Support Strategies from Teri Berkgren

BSEL Intervention Placement Decision Questions and Flowchart from TASN MTSS

BSEL Intervention Log

Low Level Interventions & Supports

Moderate Level Interventions & Supports

High Intensity Interventions & Supports

Active supervision

Providing Choice

  • Materials

  • Ways to represent mastery

  • Task to begin first

  • Odds or evens

Provide daily schedule

  • Review throughout the day as needed

Opportunities to Respond

Preferential Seating


Reteaching school-wide expectations

Scheduled Breaks

Social Stories
Additional Resource 1 from TASN
Additional Resource 2 from Social Stories for You

3:1 Behavior Specific Praise

Hot Pass or Break Cards

Relaxation skills (self-regulation)

Green/Yellow Checklist

Organizational help

Social Skills

Good Behavior Game

Pre-correct before behavior occurs (identify an antecedent or trigger)

Visual Supports

Attendance Works Resources

Check In/Check Out
- Training module

Behavior Contract

Attendance Works Toolkits


Point Sheet/Chart

Banking Time

Reward System

Reduce auditory input. Consider 2-3 step directions at time.

Increased positive feedback

Task Analysis/Checklist
Additional Resource 1 from UCANR
Additional Resource 2 from NL Pediatrics

Headphones (play soft music or white noise) while working independently to reduce outside noise.

Breathing strategy

Forced Choice Reinforcement Menu

Shorten or chunk assignments

Calming space

Self Monitoring

Opportunities for positive student interactions

  • Lunch bunch

  • Student helpers

  • Peer models

Meaningful jobs

Front-load vocabulary or concepts before a difficult/frustrating class/content area

Check and Connect

Progress Monitoring Options

Consider these ideas for data collection for progress monitoring:

Tiers for ABCS Data