USD 489 Mission and Vision

High Student Acheivement

  • Every student will have the opportunity for a formalized early childhood education program

  • Every student will enter Kindergarten ready to learn

  • Every student will meet or exceed established learning standards

  • Every student will experience engaging, meaningful, and challenging learning

  • Every student will be provided instructional and social/emotional supports to meet their unique needs

  • Every student will be provided collaborative learning environment that will help with student achievements

  • Every student will graduate high school prepared for some type of post-secondary experience

Effective Staff

  • Every staff member will utilize instructional strategies that are responsive to students needs

  • Every staff member will have opportunities for professional development that are relevant and engaging to student achievement

  • Every staff member will work towards building strong relationships with students, staff and community

  • Every staff member will work towards developing instructional plans that are authentic and relevant learning opportunities for students

  • Every staff member will work on methods needed to create and cultivate a culture of excellence in our schools

Effective Communications

  • The district will establish effective and positive communication between parents, schools and community

  • The district will promote access to school and district information

  • The district will establish consistency of core values and expectations at all levels of our school organizations


  • The BOE will make every effort to support the recruitment and retainment of high-quality staff through adequate resources

  • The BOE will prioritize the allocation and expenditure of instruction and non-instructional funds to support district initiatives

  • The BOE will maintain transparency, integrity, and responsibility for district resources

  • The BOE will oversee operational efficiency of district operations

  • The BOE will provide reliable technology to support students and staff needs

  • The BOE will seek ways to enhance and support future district needs

  • The BOE will maintain a stable financial structure that will allow the district to accomplish its educational mission