Mission Statement: 489 FLEX, a professional learning model for Hays USD 489 certified staff members, seeks to provide research-based, flexible learning experiences that are personalized, meaningful, collaborative, and actionable, and completed from any device, in any location, at any time.


Read about the platform specifics and familiarize yourself with the #FLEXShare Instructions in the FLEX Participant Manual.

If you collaborate in person to meet your #FLEXShare requirements, feel free to use this #FLEXShare Meeting Notes form to keep the minutes of your meeting(s). (Video Instructions for #FLEXShare Meeting Notes)

Fill in the Knowlege Points Time Card to keep track of the time you spend on the Knowledge Tasks. Please use one Time Card for each FLEX you complete.


If you have a topic you would like to learn about or a topic you would like to create a FLEX for, complete the following form. FLEX staff will contact you with additional information.

Request Form


These templates are free to use by anyone creating a FLEX Activity. If you create a FLEX activity we ask that you share it with Marie Henderson (mhenderson@usd489.com) or Kyle Carlin (kcarlin@usd489.com) so we can make it available for a wider audience.

Publisher Template

Wakelet Template


Choose a FLEX from our Categories to get started

Check out this informational video and read the instructions below about earning PD Credit with 489 FLEX. Then select a FLEX Category of interest and then a FLEX from the available list.

FLEX is for the professional who needs PD on their schedule. Follow these steps to ensure your work qualifies for PDCs. Read the FLEX Participant Manual for additional details and get familiar with the #FLEXShare Instructions.

Knowledge Points

  1. Select a FLEX that you want to complete - click "FLEX Category" above to find your list of options.

  2. Find the FLEX in the District Catalog on Frontline to enroll (Video Instructions for Steps 1 & 2)

  3. Complete the Knowledge tasks of the FLEX using the Time Card to keep track of your hours. (Video Instructions for Step 3)

  4. Submit evidence of your research, reflection, and/or collaboration in the FLEX Knowledge PDC Evidence Submission Form. Await a response from FLEX Staff. (Video Instructions for Step 4)

  5. After receiving confirmation from the FLEX Staff, login to Frontline to complete the Evaluation and Mark Complete to earn your PD Credit(s).

Application Points (Optional) 

(Only available if you have earned Knowledge Points for the same FLEX Activity. Application Points will be in addition to the Knowledge Point already earned.)

  1. Complete the Application tasks of the FLEX.

  2. Submit evidence of your use of the information in your classroom or in your work as a professional educator in the FLEX Application Submission Form. Await a response from FLEX Staff.

  3. After receiving confirmation from the FLEX Staff, login to Frontline to complete a PDC Application form available in the "Forms" menu on that website - do not attach files to this form in Frontline as we already have your evidence from Step 2 of this process.

  4. Once your application is approved, complete the Evaluation and Mark Complete on Frontline to earn your PD Credits.