Frequently Asked Questions for Parent Choice Remote Learning

How is the remote learning phase outlined in the plan different from Parent Choice Off-Site Learning?

The remote learning phase of the plan will be activated based on the level of community restrictions or building/district needs. If the community is experiencing high levels of community

restrictions, the district would transition to the remote learning environment. Instruction would be led remotely by USD 489 staff with student issued devices.

With Parent Choice Remote Learning students will receive instruction from USD 489 educators and/or an outside online learning platform, Edgenuity. This learning will be administered by a USD 489 staff member and will allow for a flexible learning schedule.

What if I am considering enrolling my child in a virtual, online program I’ve seen advertised? We encourage parents to consider enrolling their child(ren) in USD 489’s Parent Choice Remote Learning option before enrolling elsewhere. The off-site option offered through USD 489 will be a personalized learning curriculum with teacher-led instruction. 

If I register for Parent Choice Remote Learning, will I still need to enroll in USD 489?

Yes. Every student will need to be enrolled. The Parent Choice will be selected through the on-line enrollment process.

How will Parent Choice Remote Learning compare to the Continuous Learning in the spring of 2020?

Parent Choice Remote Learning will be provided at each level – elementary, middle, and high school. It will involve a comprehensive curriculum of online and offline activities. Student issued devices and offline materials will be provided. A student’s progress will be monitored by a USD 489 teacher. Parents will have the flexibility to return their student to on-site learning understanding that school assignment and class selection will be determined based on availability. Students will be learning from home and not entering the school building.

1.) Families will identify that their student will be doing Parent Choice Remote Learning through the enrollment process.

2.) Students enrolled will demonstrate learning by maintaining activity logs with parent review.

3.) Learning will occur with daily contact from a USD 489 teacher.

4.) Individual learning interaction for feedback and guided learning will be available throughout the


My child is enrolled in the Parent Choice Remote Learning. Do they qualify for school lunches? 

Yes, any child enrolled through USD 489 will be eligible for meals. The cost will be assessed based on eligibility for Free/Reduced/Full payment and will be served curb-side at a designated location.