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Northwest Kansas Down Syndrome Society
Facebook: nwkdss
Address: NWKDSS, P.O. Box 382, Hays KS
Contact info: Alex Green, 785-766-3483

Autism Family Support Group
Contact info: April Green, 785-650-1002


Upon receipt of parental consent, the school will submit claims to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), (including the release of records or information about your child's participation in services to participating physicians, other health care providers, KDHE, any KDHE billing agents, and any school billing agent, as necessary, to process claims for reimbursement by KDHE) for covered health­ related services, evaluations for these services and transportation, on the day the student receives any health related service, which are outlined in the child's Individualized Education Program (IEP), including duration and frequency of IEP services.

The school will access your or your child's public benefits or insurance to pay for services under 34 C.F.R. part 300.

Regarding services required to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to your child, the school may not:

  • Require you to sign up or enroll in public benefits or insurance programs in order for your child to receive FAPE.

  • Require you to incur an out-of-pocket expense, such as the payment of a deductible or co-pay amount in filing a claim for services, although the school may pay the cost that you otherwise would be required to pay.

  • Use your child's benefits if that use would (i) decrease available lifetime coverage or any other insured benefit; (ii) result in your family paying for services that would otherwise be covered by a public benefit or insurance program and that are required for your child outside of the time your child is in school; (iii) increase premiums or lead to the discontinuation of benefits or insurance; or (iv) risk loss of eligibility for home and community-based waivers, based on aggregate health-related expenditures.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to disclosure of your child's personally identifiable information to the parties listed above at anytime.

Your withdrawal of consent or your refusal to provide consent to disclosure of your child's personally identifiable information to the parties listed above does not relieve the school of its responsibility to ensure that all required services are provided at no cost to you.