UPDATE: The week of March 30, Hays, Victoria, Ellis, and LaCrosse will create Continuous Learning plans for their districts with collaboration from special education staff. Once the general education plans are in place, your case manager and other special education service providers will work with you to determine what special education support looks like to ensure continuous learning for your child. 

WCKSEC is committed to providing continuous learning opportunities consistent with the guidance provided by KSDE. Below we will provide answers to frequently asked questions. Answers may change over time, so please check back from time to time to see up to date guidance.

If you have questions, please submit them through the following link.


Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March 29, 2020

Q: What will special education services look like with school buildings being closed?

A: Special education services during continuous learning will not match what is in the IEP. For each student on an IEP, an individualized continuous learning plan will be developed to ensure access to continuous learning and to prioritize IEP goals.  Your special education teacher will be in touch soon to discuss this plan for your child.

Q: My child's IEP is due soon, how will we review his/her IEP during the school closure?

A: The most important thing to note is that the IEP will not expire. The IEP will remain in place even if the due date is passed. Our school IEP teams will continue to have meetings through phone and video conferencing tools as much as possible. For meetings that are passed due, we will work to make them up as soon as possible. Through this we must balance the requirement of having a whole IEP team and meeting due dates. We will do our best to meet both, but will appreciate flexibility on the part of everyone involved.