Frequently Asked Questions

What choices do I have for enrolling my child(ren) with USD 489?

Parents/Families will have two options:

1.) attend school on-site, hybrid, or remote learning according to the learning phases determined by the district and community COVID risk factors and as outlined in the reopening plan

2.) register for Parent Choice Remote Learning, a remote/virtual learning option provided by USD 489

If a student is in Parent Choice Remote Learning and schools are closed, due to COVID, will PCRL be interrupted?

No, the students will continue on without interruption.

How is the remote learning phase outlined in the plan different from Parent Choice Off-Site Learning?

The remote learning phase of the plan will be activated based on the level of community restrictions or building/district needs. If the community is experiencing high levels of community

restrictions, the district would transition to the remote learning environment. Instruction would be led remotely by USD 489 staff with student issued devices.

With Parent Choice Remote Learning students will receive instruction from USD 489 educators and/or an outside online learning platform, Edgenuity. This learning will be administered by a USD 489 staff member and will allow for a flexible learning schedule.

What if I am considering enrolling my child in a virtual, online program I’ve seen advertised? We encourage parents to consider enrolling their child(ren) in USD 489’s Parent Choice Remote Learning option before enrolling elsewhere. The off-site option offered through USD 489 will be a personalized learning curriculum with teacher-led instruction.

Will staff be required to wear masks?

Yes, staff will be required to wear masks, with the exemptions listed in the Governor’s Executive Order 20-59 (face covering mandate). Staff Mask Exemption Form

Will students be required to wear masks?

Yes, students will be required to wear masks on the bus and in school with the exemptions listed in the Governor’s Executive Order 20-59 (face covering mandate). Student Mask Exemption Form

How will on-site learning look compared to previous years?

  • Water fountains will be closed. Water bottle fillers will remain in use. Students will be asked to bring a personal water bottle for dailyuse.
  • Lunch times may be extended to accommodate smaller groups of kids eating togetherand additional lunch spaces may beadded.
  • Temperature of staff and students will be taken at the beginning of each day.
  • Classrooms will limit the sharing of materials and schoolsupplies.
  • Students and staff will be asked to sanitize/wash their hands upon entrance ofbuildings, cafeteria, and at regular intervals throughout the school day, no less than once everyhour.

What measures will the district implement in an effort to keep students and staff safe?

  • Students and staff will have their temperature taken at the beginning of the day.
  • Parents will be expected to assess their student’s health before sending them to school every day. Parents are encouraged to keep their child at home if showing any signs ofillness.
  • Ongoing cleaning and sanitation will occur during school day with an emphasis on high traffic and high touch zones; deep cleaning/disinfecting will occur outside schoolhours.
  • Child-safe disinfectant will be used by thedistrict.
  • Buses will be thoroughly disinfected in between eachroute.
  • While on the bus and at school, students will be required to wear a facecovering.
  • Outside visitors, including parents, will belimited.

How will I know if the district is moving to a different phase /learning environment of the plan? The district will inform parents/guardians as soon as possible when the decision has been made to move from the on-site learning environment to either hybrid or remote learning. This will be done through the district’s emergency notification process. All websites will display the current learning environment phase on their home page with additional COVID/Reopening information as well.

What will the school lunch program look like in each phase of the plan? School lunch and breakfast will be served for students enrolled through USD 489 in each aspect of the plan. The cost will be based on Free/Reduced/Full lunch eligibility. Meal service will be provided in all phases of the plan. Phase 1 will have meals served on-site; Phases 2 & 3 will be served curb-side at designated locations. Information pertaining to food service will be communicated to families as the various phases are implemented.