Art Choices for April and May

YouTube Tutorial Find a drawing tutorial on Youtube that you would like to draw. 3 fun sites are:

*Art for Kids Hub

*Draw so Cute

*Drawing Geek

Silly Drawing Choose one of the following drawing prompts. Be creative and include a background. *Draw a mouse eating cheese

*Draw a meal you like to eat (cereal, egg, hamburger . . .)

*draw yourself on an Island

*draw yourself with a superpower

*draw bugs at a picnic

There are a million fish in the sea, create your own fish or sea creature and design its habitat.
Draw or color a picture using only warm colors.
Red, Yellow, Orange
Draw or color a picture using only cool colors.
Blue, Purple, Green
Draw a can from the cupboard. It can be a contour line drawing, colored or shaded.
Use found objects to make a sculpture or tower. Rocks, sticks, toys, blocks
Draw a room in your house. Vincent Van Gogh did the famous painting of “Bedroom at Arles” 1889. Use color, textures or pattern in your drawing as much as possible

Look for shapes around your house or apartment. Record them on a sheet of paper in a fun collage and then color them if you like!
Draw or create a robot with many different shapes or with found objects from around your house.

Draw your favorite candy or make up a new candy and design the wrapper.
Draw a picture holding the pencil or pen in your toes! Or draw with your non-dominate hand.

Draw a springtime picture with plants and insects.

Draw your shoe. It can be a contour drawing or shaded or colored; or trace around your shoe and make a face out of it.

Tape your paper under the table and draw like Michelangelo did in the Sistine Chapel.

Go outside or look out your window and draw what you see. It could be a whole landscape, or you could focus on one item. Combine two animals to create a new creature! Listen to music draw lines and shapes to match the sounds, rhythms, and mood. Add color if you like!
Arrange 3 to 5 items in a still life and draw it. Visit artk12.com Under “games” tab find and complete the “Starry Night Puzzle” Draw a flower and fill it with zentangle designs

Draw your favorite animal.
You could visit web sites like:

Cincinnati Zoo

San Diego Zoo

St. Lois Zoo youtube channel with Penguin live feed

Drawing Challenge:

  • 1.Fruit
  • 2.Something you ate
  • 3.Favorite Toy
  • 4.Flower
  • 5.Science project gone wrong
  • 6.Tree
  • 7.Car
  • 8.Castle
  • 9.Insect
  • 10.Favorite Book Character
  • 11.Yourself
  • 12.House
  • 13.Favorite Place
  • 14.Landscape
  • 15.Friendly Monster
  • 16.Design a Roller Coaster

Draw your favorite teacher.

Cut out a piece of a food label

such as a cereal box and make

a new piece of artwork.

The red and green piece is from a Lucky Charms box. Then I just added to it.