Our O'Loughlin Library Media Center has scheduled classes of 30 minutes or more per week for most classes as well as "open library" for any students needing to check out or find information at any time during school hours. Other components of our program are:

Our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) allows our patrons to access the catalog from any browser and gives us the capacity to link to the other libraries in U.S.D. #489. We also have access from within the program to online curriculum and education resources for staff, and images, summaries, profiles, notes, contents, excerpts, reviews, etc. linked to our resources for students

*Research Integration with classroom teachers as needed

*O'Loughlin Common Core Goals tied into library curriculum

*Electronic and Print Sources

*Monthly Circulation of 1300 to 2000 books

*Large Easy Reader and Step Reader section for beginning readers

*Large professional library housed within our library media center for staff and also an area for Big Books and guided reading materials for teachers

*Scholastic Book Fair held annually or semi-annually for a library book fundraiser

*Kids After School groups in Media Center in inclement weather

*O'Loughlin Ambassadors--a 5th grade leadership group--meet monthly in the Media Center and work on Ambassador programs during the school day in the Media Center

*Teacher workroom/guided reading room located in Media Center

But what makes our LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER REALLY COOL is that it truly is the CENTER of our school, both geographically and literally. It is happily occupied any time of the school day with many adults and students all working together to make sure each child is valued, recognized for their individual interests and abilities, and taught information skills, reading, technology and research skills to last them a lifetime! Our readers SOAR!!!