scholars bowl

Varsity Scholars Bowl competed at Norton on Jan. 28.

The team consisted of seniors Andrew Duke (captain) and Alicia Feyerherm, junior Liahna Hyatt, sophomore Evan Dealy and freshman Henry Fitzthum.

The team started off with a 50-30 win against TMP and continued its winning streak through the other six rounds of pool play.

Hays vs. Decatur Community (80-10)

Hays vs. Norton II (110-10)

Hays vs. Phillipsburg (90-10)

Hays vs. Plainville (100-20)

Hays vs. Smith Center (80-10)

Hays vs. Stockton (85-20)

The team went up against Norton in the semi-finals, winning 80-10 and progressing to finals, where they beat TMP again 50-40.

This is the last meet before the team goes to regionals in Newton on Feb. 1.

“We have a pretty good streak going,” Duke said. “We’ve won our last three meets, and we have a pretty strong team. Regionals is always difficult, and a lot of the teams we’ll be competing against, we haven’t played at all this season, so there’s some uncertainty there, but we’ve been doing really well this season.”