Varsity Scholars Bowl placed third at the regional tournament on Feb. 1.

The team consisted of senior Andrew Duke (captain), senior Alicia Feyerherm, junior Liahna Hyatt, sophomore Evan Dealy, freshman Henry Fitzhum and sophomore Bradyn Dreher (alternate).

There were seven rounds of pool play followed by finals. Each team had a “ghost” round because Emporia was unable to attend. Questions were still read and answered for points, but the teams did not have an opposing team for that round.

Hays vs. Valley Center (100-20)

Hays vs. Maize (60-50)

Hays vs. Newton (40-65)

Hays vs. Great Bend (105-5)

Hays (ghost round) (90)

Hays vs. Salina Central (80-5)

Hays vs. Salina South (70-40)

Hays lost to Maize (40-50) and did not advance to finals but beat Salina Central (50-30) in the consolation round for third place.

“It’s a shame we won’t be making it to state, but I think our experience altogether at regionals was pretty good,” Duke said. “We did well in a lot of our rounds, so my high school Scholars Bowl career is closing out on a relatively high note.”