Hays USD 489 Bond Issue Planning Process

Workshop #1:  Kick-Off – Why You are Here (February 2nd) Full Presentation

Summary:  Shaping the Future of USD 489 (February 2nd)

Outcome:  Understand teams’ roles and schedule to explore next steps
 Workshop 2Workshop 2-2

Workshop #2:  Facility Assessment (February 21st) Full Presentation

Summary:  Share  report card for each building and share possibilities for planning

 Outcome:  Community understands current condition of facilities and planning challenges
Workshop 1-2Workshop 1

Workshop #3:  Share the Possibilities – Virtual school tours, research, benchmarks for future Hays schools (March 14th) Full Presentation

Summary:  Share certified staff and student interview information and begin defining guiding principles

Outcome:  Establishing guiding principles and planning priorities

Workshop 3Workshop 3-2

Workshop #4:  Explore/Program/Learning Environments- Explore what learning looks like (March 28th) Full Presentation

Summary:  Envisioning the Future

 Outcome:  Establish Program of Requirements including scope and priorities.

Workshop #5:  Present Preliminary Options and Cost

Summary:  Pathways to Success

Outcome: Understand district and community’s likes and dislikes.  Explore next steps.

Workshop #6:  Continue to Refine Options

Summary:  Exploring Next Steps

Outcome: Continue to refine options.

Workshop #7:  Continue to Refine Options

Outcome: Continue to refine options.

Workshop #8:  Finalize Recommendation to the Board of Education

Outcome: Present to the USD 489 Board of Education

Vision Team Presentation to the USD 489 Board of Education


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